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External Shutter Blind

Hallmark's External Guardian shutters are a versatile and stylish solution for enhancing privacy and energy efficiency.


Made from durable materials, our external roller shutters provide excellent insulation against heat, cold, and noise, making your space more comfortable and energy-efficient year-round.


Made to measure, to fit any window or door, our shutters come in a variety of colours and designs to match your aesthetic preferences.


Easy to operate and maintain, external roller shutters are a great way into reducing energy costs.

External louvre blind Information sheet
External louvre blind Information sheet

Why use External Shutter Blinds?

Unlike internal blinds, our external venetian options reflect heat away before it reaches your windows, providing superior temperature control and energy efficiency.


With the louvres closed, in say a bedroom, up to 97% of solar gain will not be transmitted through the glass. This reduces use air conditioning, saving energy and enabling natural ventilation.


Life cycle: Our Guardian external shutter blinds have a life cycle of 20 – 25 years


Maintenance: With our external venetian blinds maintenance is often overlooked as breakdowns rarely occurs, we still recommend an annual inspection by the user.


Wind Stable: Recent test conducted on external venetian blinds in wind tunnel tests have far exceeded our expectations, intact and still functioning in hurricane speeds. But we do still advise the use of a wind safety override.


Cost saving: In the long run our external guardian shutter blinds can be saving you energy costs in the short term with saving within the first year.


In occupied areas external blinds with the louvres in the 45° working position our Guardian blinds will still reduce solar gain by over 90%.

Adjusting the External guardian Shutters to the correct position, the louvre angle considerably improves the distribution of daylight, reducing high levels of light intensity close to the window and increasing light in the deeper recesses of the room.

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Where can External Shutter be used?

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By integrating external shutters, both residential and commercial properties can significantly improve their security, energy efficiency, and overall functionality.

Residential homes: External shutters can enhance privacy and energy efficiency for windows and doors. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and sliding glass doors.

Hospitals and Clinics: An improvement of privacy and noise control for patient rooms and consultation areas.

Industrial Buildings: Secure large openings like loading docks and storage areas, enhancing overall safety and efficiency.

These versatile applications make external roller shutters an excellent choice for enhancing privacy and energy efficiency across a range of environments.

How to Control

Shading needs to be dynamic to adjust to the weather conditions for maximum efficiency.


All remotely controlled from the interior on an electric motor and in colours to make a statement or blend with the façade.


To be most energy efficient there are many combinations of automated control by sun, light, wind or timer.


Trojan external blinds can also be linked to a BMS or Home Management System.

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