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Oxfordshire External louvre blinds and external roller blinds

Expert Advice on Performance Shading

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Our first question will be “what do you want your shading to achieve”

Hallmark Blinds offers a wide range of made to measure blinds to benefit the performance of you home.

We focus on reducing overheating in your home or building, the solar gain that enters a building can be prevented by using our external products, rejecting over 95% of solar gain without using precious energy.

Did you know over 20% of new builds overheat? In fact, UK regulations now require passive solutions and shading for new buildings, in part -O.

Our main external and performant blinds are:

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Part - O

The overheating regulation requires that passive measures must be chosen before considering air-con

Save Energy

The International Energy Agency (IEA) have confirmed that air-con use is the greatest threat to energy supplies.

Passive house

Designs for Passive House and NZEB gain free winter heating with solar gain from large areas of glazing.

Passive Overheating Solutions 

Overheating is an unintended consequence of over insulation. Working from home has highlighted overheating in apartments mostly from the Urban heat island effect created by air-con exhaust.

The increase In energy use for air-con in the 10 years of the last BRE report was 9TW, that is the projected output of Hinkley Point. Energy use in buildings is over 40% of the total and air-con use is the greatest threat to our supplies.

Before air-con shopkeepers protected their wares with external awnings. That traditional solution of stopping the heat before it gets to the glass is not rocket science.

Passive cooling with external blinds can reject over 95% of solar gain without using precious energy.


Over 20% of new builds overheat yet our regulations now require passive solutions and that is shading. Mitigating that with dynamic shading just makes sense but as the Climate Change Committee state we just do not do it.

In winter shading is also the insulation of the windows and can prevent up to 30% of heat losses. Unlike heat retaining glazing it can also be raised on sunny days to benefit from free solar energy.

For passive design we need large areas of glass to harvest it with external blinds as the facilitator to prevent summer overheating

An external venetian blinds is sustainable and can save as much as 57 times as much carbon through its lifecycle as that used to manufacture and install.

A true energy saving, sustainable and passive solution.

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