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External Techtonic Louvre Blinds

External Techtonic louvre blinds are a practical solution for reducing heat and glare while protecting interiors from UV damage.


Being a fixed external louvre means they are best suited for situations where constant shading is desired throughout the year.


With a range of aluminium louvre profiles it can be manually operated but would normally be motorised and for maximum energy efficiency linked into automatic or radio remote controls.

Why use External Techtonic Louvre Blinds

External Techtonic non-retractable louvre system has been designed for horizontal, sloping or unusually shaped glazed areas.


The system consists of an aluminium sub frame which is assembled above the area to be covered. Once this sub frame is in place, aluminium louvres are clipped in.


The fully tilt adjustable louvres reduce solar heat gain, control glare, allow outward vision and ensure best use of natural lighting conditions.


Techtonic is a very robust product and is virtually maintenance free. The system adapts to fit almost any glazed area, and provides the solution to the most difficult applications.

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What benefits can External Techtonic Louvre Blinds offer?

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Once installed the fully tilt adjustable louvres reduce solar heat gain, control glare, allow outward vision and ensure the best use of natural light.


Energy Saving:

Techtonic external louvres reduce the load from solar gain. Stopping the gain before it reaches the glass is more energy efficient than running artificial cooling. External Techtonic blinds can reject up to 98% of solar gain, actual figures depend on slat colour.


Light control:

External Techtonics excel in light control, beneficial for well-being and comfort but control with shading is essential to minimise lighting costs and maximise visual perception. For daylight control in museums and galleries light levels can be controlled down to as low as 20 Lux with the techtonics.


Glare Reduction and Comfort:
The techtonic louvre system can effectively control the amount of sunlight entering a room, minimising glare on screens and work surfaces. This enhances visual comfort for occupants, creating a more productive and pleasant working or living environment.

Where can external venetians blinds be used?

The Techtonic system has been specifically designed for roof applications. Even awkward shapes are elegantly shaded with Techtonic Blinds.

Shaped windows: The External Techtonic louvres can be placed over shaped glazing areas, this means awkward flat shapes can be protected from solar and heat gain. Most popular shaping being triangular and circular glazed windows.


Roof / Sky-lights: External louvre systems can be installed over skylights to manage the amount of natural light entering a building while minimising heat gain.


Commercial Buildings: Many commercial buildings use external louvre systems to reduce solar gain and glare, improving the indoor working environment and reducing the need for air conditioning.


Atriums and Glass Roofs: In buildings with large atriums or glass roofs, external techtonic louvres can control the amount of sunlight entering the space, reducing solar buildup and glare.

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How to Control

Automated control can ensure that the blinds react to external conditions to produce optimum performance. The automatic system, to cater for the occupants varying lighting or shading requirements.

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