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Lower your CO2 footprint with Sustainable shading that can save nearly 60 times as much as that generated in its lifecycle

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Make It Safe Campaign: Child Safety


January 2014 Update

The BBSA has endorsed the use of child-safe blinds and safety devices for many years but in June 2009 at the BBSA AGM it launched a full campaign called ‘make it safe’ to  promote blind cord safety and to highlight the options available to make your window blind safe. In December 2010 as part of this on-going campaign a video was made produced to visually show the precautions to take with young children follow the link below to view. Since then BBSA has been actively working with the CEN standards committee to improve the existing EN standard for internal blinds and introduce a test methods for safety devices.

With the assistance of other members of the European Solar Shading Association one of the fastest ever changes to an EN standard has been achieved. The changes to become law in early 2014 are mandated, that is compulsory, and it will then be an offence to supply and instal a product that requires safety devices and not fit them.

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Window Energy Ratings

To help the consumer an EU system for window ratings will be introduced next year. Please follow th link for more details


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CIBSE Presentation: Retrofitting Solar Shading.

26th October 2009, CIBSE


Case Study: refurbishing a heritage site- Kings Cross Eastern Range- shading constraints

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Energy Efficient Savings


Building Modelling used to show energy savings from efficient use of solar shading

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EU Standards and Building Regulations

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